Recent fair ground paintings


Easter at Grays

We went on a short trip to the easterly industrious town of Grays yesterday and saw some interesting things.  




Along the Thames…



  In Grays 

You can get some interesting bits n bobs for $2…

Yesterday I found some great little past exhibition catalogues from NY’s Strand bookshop and got to do some sketches too which is always a treat.

from the Whitney Museum show, Playtime Artists and Toys 1995, detail of Joseph Cornell’s Memoires inedits de Madame la Comtesse de G., 1940

from Acts of Faith exhibition at the Safani Gallery, 1998-9


Sketches from Union Square

On my way back from Hong Kong…

I have been lucky enough to go to Singapore for work this month and visit friends in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is particularly inspiring, there will be some pictures on my Places page soon! For now though I’m waiting 12 hours in the airport so have been doodling, it’s funny how everyone is on some sort of iThing…😵